Cyber Safety

A shared responsibility

The Internet brings enormous benefits to the teaching and learning opportunities available at our school. However, we are also aware of concerns regarding its use in the classroom. The school Cyber Safety policy aims to address these concerns. We are all responsible.

We believe that appropriate use of the internet is a shared responsibility of schools and parents. One part of our safety procedures is to ask you to talk to your children about our safety rules that they agree to when signing our Cyber Safety Agreement.

As part of enrolment, all students and their caregivers must agree that they have read the following rules and accept the conditions for using IT devices at our school and understand the consequences of misuse.

These rules apply to:

  • All school-related activities, both at Coastal Taranaki School and away
  • Any privately-owned IT equipment brought to Coastal Taranaki School or to any school-related activity

Please take some time to read the information and to discuss it with your children. Senior students are required to sign this agreement at the beginning of each school year.