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New Horizons

The New Horizons Mentoring Group attended a field trip to the Blue Rata Reserve on Wednesday 13th of November. This was attended by our Principal and eight middle school students who were joined by the mentors, New Horizons team and DOC staff.
The initial welcome by Matua Kere acknowledged those in attendance who included staff from DOC, staff and students from Devon Intermediate, Manukorihi Intermediate and Coastal Taranaki School.

Mr Cody Luckin from DOC was the first presenter. Cody is a proud graduate of Coastal Taranaki School whose career with DOC was triggered by some the early learning experience at our school when he was intermediate aged. He shared a range of traps and demonstrated how these operate. Predator identification was next and those present were fascinated with the similarities between the Weasel, Stoat and Ferrets.

Ms Fern Brand from DOC supported the presentation before leading a 1080 discussion and taught the students about the ‘Cultural health indicator assessment’. Group work followed to investigate the health of the river, bush and cleared land at the Blue Rata Reserve.

It was very wise that a shared kai of Subway was enjoyed well before the three schools took to a section of the Blue Rata Trapline. Of the 5 traps CTS students rebated and reset, 3 very dead decomposing rats were found. These traps had only be reset a week earlier by some of our senior students.

The students had previously constructed traps during their mentoring programme that are now included in the trapline. Our senior students are currently working on a plan to ensure our ongoing involvement and responsibilities for checking and resetting this trapline in the future.

Calf and Lamb Day

Young Enterprise Scheme

Over recent years, we have been without a school canteen. This means that there hasn’t been a place onsite to provide lunch for our students. We saw this as a business opportunity through for the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Our mission is to provide affordable and nourishing homemade lunches for staff and students during the winter terms. It is also our mission to provide students with work experience in hospitality. Some of our profit will be donated to our school ball committee.

Coastal Canteen makes a set menu lunch during hospitality classes and then serves this at lunchtime through the canteen. All meals are ordered the previous week. So far, the enterprise has received great support from students, their families, and staff. 

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